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How to Discipline Children without Punishment

The approach of punishing, threatening and bribing kids in an attempt to guide them has been proven to be ineffective and counterproductive. But for some of us, the burning question still remains, if we don’t punish what can we do to effectively guide our kids?

Today our guest Lori Petro is going to help us move forward in a way that reduces the conflict in our homes and connects us more deeply with our kids. The founder of TEACH through Love, Lori is a passionate advocate for the ethical treatment of children and stands firm in her belief that children can be raised without fear and punishment.

In this episode we cover:
1. What to do when we don’t impose consequences on our kids’ behaviour. 2. How do we deal with the fear of moving from what we know (punishment) to what we don’t know (guiding without punishment)?
3. For parents that would like to move from punishment, threats and bribes but don’t know how what are the key elements that we should be striving for in our guidance?
4. What do you do when it doesn’t seem to be working?
5. The one essential takeaway for us to begin practising in our families today.

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