Founder of EmpoweredKidsTV, Author and Thought Leader, Nicole Telfer is available to Speak at your next conference or event. Nicole is equipped to deliver a high energy, engaging and impactful keynote address or lead breakout sessions on leadership, communication, emotional mastery and parenting.


NICOLE TELFER  is an author, speaker, life and family coach whose media platform serves families across the globe. A relentless agent for change, who is here to see how far she can push her own potential for connection, Nicole is working to radically shift the way we think about designing and creating our families. Her mission is to help families end the cycle of conflict, heal and learn to connect more deeply.

As founder of EmpoweredKidsTV- Nicole has helped to develop workshops and programs that have transformed families by giving parents the tools to take the actions needed to solve some of the biggest challenges that families face in the 21st century.

Nicole’s extraordinary story of transforming her own family life from one of blind disconnection, characterised by power struggles and control to leading a family that is willing to be open, vulnerable and self-compassionate in the pursuit of self-mastery and connection;  is the foundation upon which she strives to help us all raise truly EmpoweredKids.


Nicole inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change-makers, and thought leaders.

Her deep passion for storytelling and connecting combined with her insights from over a decade of psychology, communication and leadership research, allows her to deliver powerful speeches that routinely garner top praise and acclaim from conferences.


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