The Journey Begins Kicking and Screaming I Answer the Call

Emotional mastery has always been a goal that I’ve been working toward, not just for my kids but for myself.  Knowing that words don’t teach I knew that I needed to master this area of my life to help my kids do the same.

To achieve this, I focused on really developing my emotional intelligence and to learn to stay present for my kids as they discovered their full range of emotions.

The path was not always easy as I discovered how much discomfort I had with feeling and seeing the “darker” emotions of sadness, fear, and anger. Yet working through these and learning to find the message in these I managed to support my kids to develop a great level of emotional balance.

Mastery isn’t an easy goal because when you stay true to it, life will provide challenges to continue to test you and help you grow.  Three years ago, my family experienced trauma that left us all managing PTSD and secondary PTSD (I didn’t even know this was a thing). The result was an emotional knock to the knees and I watched feeling helpless as my family lost its grip on our emotional balance. Fear, sadness, and anger tightened its grip on us and individually and collectively we lost touch with our ability to use our emotions to guide ourselves.

Instead we became reactive, pouncing as automatically as animals do, controlled by the chemical and physical effects of these emotions.

Watching my kids struggle hurt even more than feeling the struggle within myself. After three years of fighting to find my way back to balance, my take away is that I cannot help them from a place imbalance. To help my kids I need to regain mastery of my emotions standing on the pain that this trauma left on my family and knowing that I can use it to find the path to even greater connection.

This journey is my journey to emotional mastery. I don’t know how long this will take me but I do know that I will open myself up to learning with courage and vulnerability from those that have studied and mastered this area of their lives. I’ll go to the scientist, researchers, monks, energy healers and the people like you and me who have found their path to emotional healing, all in the hope that they can help guide me and my family to ours.

I’m sharing this journey in the hope that what I uncover along the way will support you and your family as you, strengthen your emotional intelligence and connection with each other.

The first step will be to uncover a greater understanding of emotions. What are they, how are they formed and what do they really do to our bodies.

With Love and Gratitude