Chores As A Path to Teamwork

Today’s guest is Ashley Buffa. Ashley is a mother to ten who helps the most overwhelmed mothers create systematised and organised homes that actually feel like “Home Sweet Home”! For me, I love the freedom that she gives mothers from swimming in unappreciation and occasional resentment by creating a team like culture within families. In this interview, we discuss 1. The main reason why we have conflict around chores 2. The mindset changes needed if we are to create a team like approach to household chores 3. Some of the pitfall to watch out for 4. How to begin doing chores as a family and how to stay consistent

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About The Author

NICOLE TELFER  is the founder of EmpoweredKidsTV, an author, speaker, life and family coach whose media platform serves families across the globe. A relentless agent for change, who is here to see how far she can push her own potential for connection, Nicole is working to radically shift the way we think about designing and creating our families. Her mission is to help families end the cycle of conflict, heal and learn to connect more deeply.