Are You Trapped By Your Pain?

For many the thought of enduring emotional pain is unbearable.  So logically they do the next best thing- they run.

Like a person trapped in a witness protection program, they live life as a made-up version of themselves, never allowed to be fully who they are, always running from their past.

The sad truth is, while this is called protection it’s a lifelong sentence.  A prison that we can trap our own selves in, never allowing the world or the people we grow to love access to the gift of meeting us.

What’s worse is, we get trapped in habits that uphold our protective barrier;

  • we eat to numb the emotional pain of loneliness,
  • we drink to feel at ease around others so they will never guess that we don’t feel like we fit in,
  • we smoke cause it’s ok to pretend to be cool while we tackle the anxiety in our body we can’t even find the cause for,
  • we cheat on our partners to ease the pain of feeling like we’re never enough and
  • we over work so no one will guess we’re scared we’re an imposter and don’t belong in this job.

Then the world looks at you trapped in your self-made prison and judges you for your protective habits. So now you’re trapped carrying the luggage of shame and guilt with you.

On my path to forgiveness-  forgiving myself for the prison I was trapped in and forgiving loved ones whose protective habits also served to hurt me, I realised that all we need is a little extra courage.

Courage to face all our emotions head on, to sit with them while they ravage through our bodies leaving us in unbearable pain at times. On the other side, just a few short breaths away from what feels unbearable… is freedom.

I found the freedom to let go, the freedom to hear the message that my emotions brought for me to help me grow, the freedom to get back up and live my life authentically.

When you find the courage to sit with and truly feel all of your emotions you find the freedom to live the life you were meant to and along the way you find compassion for those still trapped in their self-made prison.

Learning how to understand and experience all of your emotions fully is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

This week The Hustle is 4 Life team sat down to discuss all about emotions and how we can begin the process of mastery. You can watch the full interview for free here:

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With Love and Gratitude Empowerer


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Are You Trapped By Your Pain?

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