Our mission is to help families thrive and free themselves from the cycle of conflict. Said another way, we want to shift the mindset that sets the foundations for our families and how we raise kids. For EmpoweredKidsTV to be considered a success we need to do more than just  entertain you,  and present interesting information. Entertainment and mere Ah Ha moments are not enough for us as a team. We want to radically shift the way we think about designing and creating our families and give you the tools to take the actions needed to solve what we believe to be families’ biggest challenges.

Our Vision breaks down as follows:

1. Find the leading experts across the globe and put our toughest parenting challenges to them. Have them break down the psychological, neurological, interpersonal and parenting research into simple actionable steps that we can all take to become calm, connected and confident parents.

When you understand how to manage the day to day parenting challenges we all face, raising children that are self-assured, resilient and happy becomes a simple matter of incorporating new approaches and relationship tools into your family.

2.Empower Families with the tools needed to thrive. Our goal is to give families around the world the tools and knowledge they need to live their true potential, alter their mindset, and find fulfilment. This includes helping families learn how to heal emotional pain and develop relationships that can stand the challenges of life while supporting each other to be our best selves. We are a platform for empowering content and a village that is committed to providing non-judgemental support.

EmpoweredKidsTV is for you if you are a new parent, a parent of teens, if you have times when you wish you could take back what you did or said, if you have this insatiable hunger to do better, if you have a burning desire to feel more connected to your kids.

Join us in our mission to support families as we raise a new generation, one of EmpoweredKids.

Nicole Telfer