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Overcome Your Fears by Embracing Them

I’ve never really thought of myself as a brave person. In fact, secretly, just the opposite because I feel scared so much of the time. I dream big, I do things that are way way outside my comfort zone so being scared, sometimes petrified feels like the norm. Akshay Nanavati really helped me to see myself differently, to view what I saw as weakness as me building muscle. This interview has great tips but I’m really excited about teaching our kids to develop a new relationship with their fear. Let me know what you think of Fearvana.

Our guest today is a Marine Corps Veteran, an adventurer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. He overcame a lifestyle of drug addiction in high school, join the United States Marine Corps, and served 7 months in Iraq where his job was literally to be a human bomb detection device.

He credits this as just the beginning of his understanding of the positive power of fear and struggle. For me our guest’s almost daredevil like approach to life is intriguing as I realised he pushed himself to the brink, doing crazy things like sitting in complete darkness for 7 full days to find the path to a deeper understanding and mastery of his mind.

In this interview we cover:
1. What is Fearvanva?
2. Why it’s important to understand and accept the way the mind works.
3. Are fears really irrational?
4. Why fear is the path to attain our only real freedom.
5. Dispelling the main myths about fear.
6. Fear and its link to resilience.
7. How to change our association with fear so that empowers you. Learn to overcome your fears by embracing them.

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